Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Your Fitness Partner says "Get A Fitness Partner"

Come every New Years Eve we create our own personal list of resolutions stating the ways we intend to improve ourselves in the coming year. The most popular of these resolutions is the declaration of weight loss through better nutrition and exercise. Problem is the days pass and we let one reason or distraction after another stop us from following through with the promise we made to ourselves. The fact is getting motivated requires both mental incentive and deliberate action. The benefits alone will provide huge mental incentives including the promise of higher energy levels, improved health and youthful vigor. Making exercise fun and keeping it simple keeps the desire to participate high and rewarding yourself when you reach certain milestones give you something to work for. And by all means do not beat yourself up if you fall from the cart...just brush yourself off and refocus on your mental incentives.

An action plan can ensure that you achieve your goal by setting realistic expectations and facilitating success. One surefire way to get you moving is to enlist an exercise buddy that you can rely on since you won't want to let them down by not showing up and besides, you will have more fun with someone else there. Look for a convenient gym or community center near home or work so you won't be tempted to skip and check out different activities to keep it interesting. For example, you could attend a gym a couple times a week and rollerblade or play tennis on the other days, weather permitting. And by all means mark your exercise days on a calendar since you are more likely to follow through with routines that are scheduled into your life.

A Tip From The Bootcamp Express.

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