Friday, July 23, 2010


A fitness assessment is a key component to your success when exercising. In fact, I myself find it necessary if you are a beginner or have not followed an exercise program for longer than 3 months. The purpose of an assessment is not only to see where your current fitness level is, but also to chart your progress as you continue to advance in your regimen.

These assessments should be repeated every 12 weeks to see if you're progressing in your goals. Whether or not you are following a specific program from a trainer or fitness group, it is still very beneficial to hire a trainer for a one-time assessment every 12 weeks or 4 times a year. After all, checking your weight is only one of many categories when it comes to gauging your success.

Always ask your trainer for a copy of your updated assessment. Keep this copy on your refrigerator door so you'll always have a reminder of where you started, where you are, and where you're heading. Valuable categories for an assessment are: Body Composition, Body Mass Index and Waist to Hip Ratio, Resting Heart Rate and Target Heart Range, Flexibility Test, etc.

One final note, it usually works best to have the same trainer perform your fitness assessment updates for at least one calendar year at a time. Though it’s not a given rule to do so, keep in mind that every trainer has different measurement parameters they follow to complete an assessment. A consistent comparison will provide the most accurate results to help you grow and progress.

Antonio Velez, CPT
a.k.a. Coach Tino
Professional Fitness Specialist

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Bootcamp Express: Is there really a "best" time to workout?

The Bootcamp Express: Is there really a "best" time to workout?

Is there really a "best" time to workout?

Is there really a "best" time to workout? Well different times of day have their own advantages but I have always pushed my clients to make a trip to the gym #1 on the checklist of their day. I can give you 5 good reasons why!

A SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT: Once your workout is completed you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day. It’s done! You can find a million other things you “have to” do by the end of your workday. Now your evening schedule is clear to meet friends for happy hour, play with your children or take Fido to the doggie park!

BETTER EATING HABITS THROUGHOUT THE DAY: If you make the effort to get up and kick your butt in the morning, you’re gonna think twice about cramming those peanut m & m’s in your pie hole at 3 pm. Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand and you know that you’ll ruin your early morning efforts by eating an empty calorie item.

METABOLISM BOOST: Waking up early, eating a small protein and carbohydrate dish (yogurt and fruit or peanut butter on banana) coupled with a workout is the number one thing you can do to start up your metabolism. Like an automobile, you first need to be sure you have gas in the tank and then turn it on. A good rev down the highway as opposed to a stop and go city commute will do wonders for your engine over time! The same is true for your body. Feed it, let it cut loose a little and then by the time you sit down at your desk for the day your metabolism is humming, allowing you to effectively burn calories you intake throughout the day.

HEIGHTENED ENERGY: While you may not be leaping out of your bed to get to the gym in the morning before work, you will be skipping out of the club after a good workout. Exercise is so much more effective than coffee! Coffee may be for closers but when they crash you’ll be one leading the charge at the office. Your high is endorphin induced and will last throughout the day with an effective high protein, fruit and vegetable diet.

SLEEP LIKE THE DEAD: So if you skip the coffee all day, eat well and had an early morning workout, your body will be ready to rest at a reasonable hour. The quality of sleep you experience is far better because your body is repairing itself after all of the hard work you exerted both in your workout and through your amplified metabolism throughout the day. Pour diet choices such as sugar and caffeine can delay the sleep cycle and if you never started your engine with a healthy workout, a slow metabolism isn’t going to burn them off.

1. Pack your bag the night before. You won’t want to unpack the bag in the morning to get ready at home.
2. Have a morning breakfast routine. Know before you go to bed what you will be eating and where it is in the pantry or fridge.
3. If you have children to get off to school, switch off gym days with your spouse and make Saturday “date day” to workout together. You should both be living healthy and can work as a team to keep the family working as a well oiled machine.

Join our fun team of Chicago Personal Trainers for an energizing workout today.

Live Healthy & Dominate Your Workout!
Shannon Helfrich
V.P/Co-Founder of The Bootcamp Express

Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to The Bootcamp Express

The concept behind The Bootcamp Express is that everyone needs help with their workout routine whether you want to admit it or not. The 3 main reasons you need help:

1. Avoid injury

2. Effectiveness

3. Efficiency

#1 is the most important. If you injure yourself, you are not coming back to workout for a while or ever!

The real truth is that most people do not have the money to spend on a monthly gym membership and hourly personal training sessions. And if you do, you are committed to just one trainer working on their schedule. At The Bootcamp Express, we will offer classes up to 12 hours a day with an amazing variety of the most talented trainers in Chicago. Each one brings a unique awareness to physical enhancement and fitness. All this with no monthly membership fees and training hours are a fraction of the cost of individual personal training.

Visit our website for all of the details and look for helpful information here regarding exercise and nutrition for successful weight loss. We want to help you with your goals!