Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why They Did It!

The Bootcamp Express is the brain child of 2 female trainers, Annette Kaptur and Shannon Helfrich. Both had extensive corporate backgrounds, Annette in finance and Shannon in sales and marketing. Each chose to leave the corporate grind for their passion and met working for a large, publicly traded fitness center in the suburbs of Chicago. The thing that struck them the most was that the facility they worked in was beautiful and offered every amenity but lacked in helping people attain their goals. Both members and employees were seen as numbers, not people. “We thought we could do it better by scaling back on the fluff and developing what really matters; considering the needs and desires of the individual.” Ms. Helfrich explains, “We wanted to create a positive, happy, goal oriented workout nirvana where both client and trainer benefit from a well defined plan.”

Opening a new gym in this economic climate could be considered risky however the ladies are certain that the value proposition for clients and the incentivized work environment for employees will help to build a quick following. “We are coming from a good place and truly love what we do. The Andersonville neighborhood has a fantastic chamber of commerce and an amazing neighborhood dynamic.” says Ms. Helfrich.

The Bootcamp Express opened its doors on July 12, 2010. A Grand Opening will take place on site at 1515 W. Berwyn in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago the week of September 13. The events of the week will include fundraising classes for local charities, specialty demonstrations from the TBE personal trainers and climax on Saturday with a neighborhood open house. For further details please call the studio at 773-293-7103 or email .